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It can be frustrating when a living space that was ample and spacious suddenly feels too small. Fortunately, this can be easily resolved using a loft conversion. Whether you are looking for an extra bathroom, guest bedroom, or simply open up space, a loft conversion is a smart alternative. Loft conversions also add up to 21 percent in a property's value.

At KJC Loft Conversions, we offer top of the line loft conversion services. Here are some of the options we offer:

Loft Conversion Services

Velux Windows

Velux windows are beautifully designed and come in a wide range of colours and are a great solution for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.

The windows are a great way to open up your loft, making it look bigger and provide maximum comfort. They can fit various loft conversions, including flat roof windows and conventional roof windows.


Duplex Domes Skylights

Another of our services is the installation of domed skylights. The skylights enhance loft conversions, allowing maximum air penetration. They have a versatile light span system that enables them to complement any type of curtain walling and merge well with roof lights. The skylights use silicone glazing technology that gives your loft a stylish and sleek finish. These Duplex skylights are perfect for any type of conversion and are one of the best and popular services offered.


Solar Tube Lighting

Solar tube lighting is a beautiful addition to loft conversions. They are a daylight system that greatly improves interior lighting, design, and decoration. If you do not want to use a skylight or conventional windows in your conversion, you can get this lighting system to brighten your living space. They can be connected to any ceiling installation when we install the tubes correctly so they can deliver the right amount of light into the loft.


Sunflex Door Systems

These are high-tech manufactured glass folding door systems. You can use them to form a seamless transition from one room to another or to the outside. The door system gives you a secure seal and excellent insulating properties, and are durable. You can use this door even under the most extreme weather conditions. We also include design drawing services. These are done with your consultation to ensure your conversion looks exactly like you thought it would.

We can also use your pre-made plans to model your conversion. Your input is greatly appreciated, and we do all this with your satisfaction in mind. We can adapt our services to suit your budget so you can get the most out of your conversion without compromising. We use only the most superior loft conversion technology and follow all the guidelines set.

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At KJC Loft Conversions Leicester, we are your premier loft conversion specialist. With over 30 years of experience, we offer satisfaction guaranteed that suits your individual needs. With the combination of technology and the latest designs, we provide unique designs that are high in quality that can be customized to suit your budget. We also offer free detailed consultations for our clients, so you can contact us with no risk. We offer extra services so you can get the loft conversion of your dreams. Get in touch with us today for more.

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