Loft Conversions Wigston

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KJC Loft Conversions are the specialists in expanding your living space in Wigston. Their full satisfaction guaranteed and over years of experience makes them the first choice for loft conversions in the area. Their team of experts will draw up the perfect design to suit your space and incorporate your loft into extra living space in your house.

By adding a loft conversion to your house you will not only increase the property value but also increase the size of your house by adding an extra lounge, bedroom, gym, or office.

Expand your Living Space

Expanding your home to access a new floor will increase your living space. You will be able to finally have that en-suite bedroom you always dreamed of or that extra lounge with a balcony. You could even turn it into a teen pad for your teenagers who just need a bit of space.

Whatever you decide to do with your loft space, KJC Loft Conversions will be there to advise and assist with design throughout the project. They have the skills and expertise to adapt to your budget and end goals

Some of the most popular conversions are turning an area into a guest room or creating extra bedrooms for children that have to share a room. Other loft-conversion possibilities could include games rooms, study, gym, meditation room or art studio, the options are endless.

Increased Headroom

Increasing the headroom in your loft will make the room feel spacious. You can add a Velux Window or Domed Skylight to allow for an open feel to your new loft.

Improve Energy Usage

The Velux Windows exclusively used by KJC Loft Conversions is sure to improve the view and they look great too. They can match any colour scheme and come with a range of practical functions like black-out blinds.

Sky Lights

To make sure your conversion is always light and full of sunshine KJC Loft Conversions makes sure that skylights are brought into the design. To install skylights they have partnered up with Duplus due to their Dow Corning Quality Bond of Approval for their custom roof lights installations.

Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs

By adding a new bathroom and electrical upgrades increase the efficiency of your loft space. Adding insulation can also improve your R-value and lower your heating costs making your home more energy-efficient.

Contact Us

A face-to-face consultation is the best way to receive more information about a possible loft conversion. One of our experts will visit your home to evaluate your available space, discuss your preferences, and design a bespoke proposal that meets your needs and budget.

As the company’s name suggests, KJC offers complete loft conversion project management and will take care of coordination with the construction team to minimise disruption to your daily routine.

Their ultimate goal is to provide high-quality loft conversions to our clients. From the initial design to completion, they have the expertise to create bespoke loft conversions that blend perfectly with their existing home environment. Contact us today for a quote or to find out more.