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Are you on the hunt for extra space in your Whitwick home? If this is what’s currently at the top of your list of priorities, any loft space that may be available in your home could be a perfect solution. In fact, Home Builders Federation (HBF) reports 40% of home buyers would prefer to gain extra space through conversion rather than opt for a larger home. Fortunately, KJC Loft Conversions is the company you can count on to provide extra space in a way that’s convenient and affordable.

Why Consider a Loft Conversion?

There are many reasons to contact us about a customised loft conversion for your home in Whitwick. The main ones include:

More Living Space:

When planning your loft conversion, we’ll determine the most appropriate way to access your existing living space. This will give you convenient access to your newly converted loft area, which can then serve as an extension of your existing living spaces. What’s more, your newly updated loft space can include added perks like an extra bathroom.

Improved Headroom:

A loft doesn’t have to feel cramped at all when our team completes a conversion in your home in Whitwick. For instance, a Velux Window or Domed Skylight can be added to your loft space to make it feel more open and inviting.

Increased Energy Efficiency:

The new windows that can be installed as part of your loft conversion do more than just improve the view. We utilise highly efficient Velux Windows for our loft renovation projects. Furthermore, energy efficiency can be increased with a wide range of practical additions, such as:

  • Blackout effects
  • Custom blinds
  • Window colours that match an existing colour scheme.

Options with Skylights/Roof Lights:

Your converted loft can include many features, one of which can be a skylight. Skylights are often appreciated because they bring in an abundance of natural light. This can also make your newly converted loft warmer when it gets cooler in Whitwick.

Note: We’ve partnered with Duplus for our loft conversion projects since they offer a Dow Corning Quality Bond of Approval for custom roof lights they offer.

Solartube Options:

If you have an available loft space that’s not large enough for a traditional roof light, a possible alternative is one of our Solartube options. This is an effective way to deliver natural sunlight to a loft with limited space.

Lower Heating/Cooling Expenses

We do our loft conversion work in a way that optimises efficiency by helping your heating and cooling system work more effectively. For instance, new insulation that’s added during your conversion can provide a significant boost in R-value to reduce heat loss from air transfer. This ultimately means reduced heating and cooling costs.


Why Choose KJC Loft Conversions?

We have 30-plus years of experience with loft conversions in Whitwick, and the nearby areas we serve. Become one of our clients and you can also expect:

  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Full project management service
  • A fully insured team covered by professional liability insurance
  • The ability to work with pre-made plans or completely customised ones
  • Access and support structures provided as needed as per local codes in Whitwick
  • Complete satisfaction that’s 100% guaranteed


Learn More

Ready to explore your options with a loft conversion in Whitwick? Get in touch with our team today and we’ll get you started with an initial consultation. With all loft conversions, we keep all relevant government regulations in mind. We’ll also request any planning permissions that may be required as you fine-tune your design and establish your budget.

Contact us today to get started with a free, no-obligation quote.