Duplus Domes & Sky Lights for Loft Conversions

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Most people might not admit that they tend to think of a loft as a storage space and nothing more. Lofts are among the most overlooked spaces. But that is because most people do not realize the full potential of this space with proper improvement. You can convert your loft into a remarkable and usable living space. While there is a range of things to do to convert the space into a pleasant part of your house, you should pay more attention to lighting.

Why use Duplus Domes and Skylights for Loft Conversions?

There is no better way to convert your loft into a comfortable and pleasant space than through natural lighting. Duplus Domes and SkyLights help you maximise lighting into your loft space while ensuring energy efficiency. Moreover, the lights make you happier and more productive. These lights are super easy to install. Even better, they can be installed on an already existing roof to save time and resources.

Duplus Company is among the most trustworthy skylights manufacturers. They have been designing and manufacturing roof lights for over six decades, so you can trust that they have gained the experience and expertise for the job. Over the decades, the company has developed a range of high-quality domed skylights to boost your loft conversions.

You can trust the lights to serve you for the most extended period. The fact that Duplus Domes and skylights use cutting-edge silicone glazing technology to fit the lights makes them an outstanding option. You can rest assured that the lights will withstand snow, wind and other impact loads.

Other benefits and reasons to consider Duplus Domes and skylights include:

Enjoy Maximum Ventilation

Among the limiting factors of spending time in a loft is poor ventilation. But not with the ventilation power of Duplus skylights. Due to the constant air rise, lofts are among the warmest areas of a house. This is why most homeowners invest in heavy insulation for this space to minimise heat buildup in the house.

The extra heat puts the loft at risk of getting damp, an issue that can be eliminated through proper ventilation. Skylights can be opened to suit your unique lighting needs. You can open the light during the day to allow airflow and close them when not in use.


Thermal Efficiency

Duplus Domes and skylights are made to offer maximum energy efficiency. The lights are made of weatherproof glass, so that winter will be a win-win season for you. The idea will help you minimise electricity bills. You do not have to invest in an expensive air conditioner to keep the space’s temperature well regulated.


Boost the Curb Appeal of Your House

Duplus Skylights illuminate your loft from above. Consequently, you get stunning views of the sky from your loft. You can also view the outdoor landscape. The lights make your loft appear bigger while giving the space a visual impact.


Contact us for Loft Conversion

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We are insured and certified to offer a wide range of loft conversion services, and skylights are one of our specialities. Our experts will discuss your needs with you before advising you on the best skylights to maximise the comfort of your loft space. Contact us today for more information about lofts.