Loft Conversions for Terraced Houses

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Are you looking to convert your empty terrace house loft into something more useful? Loft conversions can increase your property’s value by 20% or more. Unlike other home extensions that eat into your outdoor space, loft conversions use dead space under your roof. With enough headroom and trusted company, you can transform your loft into anything you want, from a stunning aesthetic space to a modern study room and more. But is a terrace house loft conversion worth your money?

Benefits of Terrace House Loft Conversion

The merits of converting your terrace house loft into something other than dead space instantly add value to the property. There are various loft conversions you can accomplish, including roof light, dormer, hip-to-gable and mansard. Each has unique advantages, so your choice will depend on what you want to achieve. Here are the top four benefits of terrace house loft conversion:

1. More Living Space
Ideally, loft conversions aim to make use of the unused space beneath your roof. You can convert the space into any room you need. A loft conversion can result in a new study room, extra bedroom or any other suite. All you need is enough headroom in the loft area, but you can work with whatever space is available.

2. Adds Value to The Property
The extra living space adds instant value to your property. This translates into higher rents if you are renting the property and the ROI is also impressive. For instance, roof light loft conversion, which is the most affordable, can create multiple-use rooms that significantly increase your home’s value if you are to sell it.

3. Functionality and Convenience
A professional loft conversion increases your home’s functionality and improves organization, allowing you to free other rooms. It results in more convenience and there are various styles available. Whether you want a room with a view or extra storage space for your items, loft conversions allow you to take advantage of extra space in your house.

4. Energy Efficiency
The best loft conversion will reduce your utility bills, especially those arising from air conditioning. The extra insulation prevents heat exchange keeping your house warmer or cooler during winter and summer. This also relieves your air conditioning system, protecting it from premature wear. However, you need reliable companies that prioritize energy-efficient conversions.

Other benefits of terrace house loft conversions include:

• Quick and effortless conversion process
• Most don’t require planning permissions
• Budget-friendly home extension

How Much Is A Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions are generally cheaper than most house extensions. However, each is unique and prices vary depending on the type of conversion and all its specifications. A modern dormer conversion with double bedroom en-suite will obviously cost more than a standard roof light loft. The pricing is varied because of all the different specifics of each conversion. It is essential to make hard-headed assessments to determine if a loft conversion is the ideal home extension for your needs. Here are some tips to help you cut down cost:

• Explore all the existing loft conversion styles and determine the one that suits your needs
• Determine whether you need preparation permissions
• Don’t forget insulation and fire safety regulations
• Inform your insurer of major changes, such as adding a new bedroom

Professional Terrace House Loft Conversion in Leicester

KJC Loft Conversions has provided professional residential and commercial loft conversion services in Leicester for more than 30 years. We also serve Harborough, Clarendon Park, Stoneygate, Oadby, Hinkley, Knighton, Wigston, and Markfield. A loft conversion is a brilliant idea if you seek to increase your living space. The loft area has massive potential to become the best room in your property, depending on what you seek. You can add a playroom for your kids, study room, store, lease bedroom or any other idea you conceive. Contact us today to find out more about home extensions and loft conversions in the UK.