Rear Dormer Loft Conversions: What You Need To Know

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Sometimes, you may experience a shortage of space in your home, especially with a steady growing family. Loft conversions are vital in such instances to provide ample floor space to cater for the additional space needed. Notably, rear dormer loft conversions are extensions of the existing roof that allows for head height and floor area. Based on the roof’s size and type, rear dormers can either be built on each side  or the entire width.

Benefits of Rear Dormer Loft Conversions

Today UK homes are experiencing space shortages more than ever before, especially in the built up city areas. But with not many new homes being erected and the stamp duty costs on many property owners’ back, finding a room for your ballooning family is becoming a challenge.

This is why we have seen loft conversions take an upward turn. Improving and not moving is today the rule of the game — transforming your dead space in the loft is the way forward for many homeowners. So, what are the benefits of rear dormer loft conversions?

1. Maintains Your Homes Front Design

Rear dormer loft conversions come in handy when looking to incorporate additional head and floor space. Besides, rear dormers help to maintain a sloped roof at the front essential for fitting Velux windows. You subsequently get more space while retaining the design of your front design.

2. No Planning Permission

Getting a planning license is challenging when looking to add more space to your property. But with rear dormers, you solely develop without requiring permissions. Rear dormers are also small and done within your house.

3. More Space in Your Home

Building a rear dormer helps you create more room essential for maximizing internal spaces. Several designs are available to help you choose a suitable rear dormer, helping you incorporate the right size in your property. This is an excellent approach if you need more floor space.

4. Various Styles Available

Various rear dormers’ styles exist, from flat roof dormers to dog-house dormers that can be modeled from different materials such as aluminum and traditional wooden sash windows. Notably, you get the right rear dormer suitable for your property.

Here are some different types of rear dormer conversions.

1. Flat Roof Dormer

Adding a flat roof dormer to your house involves a downright roof that reclines horizontally. The extension lies to the rear while providing the needed space. Typically, flat roof dormers are even and can extend across the roof and are accessed from several points.

2. Shed Dormer

A shed dormer is also a flat roof but slopes downwards at a given angle based on your design. It adds more space in your house but with an entirely new style. Despite its sloping nature, the dormer is essential to provide floor extension in the property.

3. Dog-House Rear Dormer

Resembling a classic dog house, this rear dormer comes with double-pitched sides but with vast headspace. The design gives your home a two pitches roofs that make it unique, more so for properties with extended roofs.

4. L-Shaped Dormer

L-shaped rear dormers are an extension that covers the entire roof, especially when you have an L-shaped house. Yet, the design can include two rear dormers that connect to form an L-shaped floor space.


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