Top 10 Amazing Ideas for Loft Conversion

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Usually, lofts are ignored and are used for storing useless items that remain cooped in there for decades. If you are looking for loft conversion ideas, you have come to the right place.


Before you begin calculating loft conversion prices, think about your requirements. What do you need extra space for? Is it for a bedroom, bathroom, or home office? After deciding, look at the floor plan to see whether it can accommodate what you want.


Here are top 10 amazing ideas for attic conversion:

1. Extra Living Room

Though the living room is the main area of a home where most of the family spends time together, having a small private nook of your own is ideal to have extra living space. Keep it casual with a few simple things such as a sofa, armchair, or a small table in a neutral colour and go for a couple of your favourite items to add a personal touch.


2. Give a vintage look with exposed brickwork

Who says that a den or small library has to be boring? If that is what you plan to do, leave one of the walls unpainted and expose the brickwork. This is an amazing attic conversion if you have slanted ceilings. You could use wallpapers as well.

3. A dream bath

Usually, with furnished homes, there isn’t a lot that one can do with bathrooms. But with cool loft conversion ideas, you could convert it like a spa and indulge features like a wet room and a couple of sinks. Even if you have wooden beams, you can still make a minimalist and chic bath area with expert professional help.

4. An open-plan

Sometimes there is no better option than leaving an open plan in attic conversion where there is no room for large windows. Try achieving a mezzanine feel if you have a double-height room. You will not regret it.

5. Child’s bedroom/play area

Lofts are popularly converted into a master bedroom. If you have narrow space, converting it into smaller kids’ bedrooms is one of the most popular loft conversion ideas. Or a small play area where they could play and store toys.

6. Teen space

We all know teens and their obsession with privacy in their earlier years. You could convert the loft into a teenager’s bedroom or study even with minimum cost. Use what you have and get a few things to add a personal touch. So, any worries about loft conversion prices go out the window.

7. Low-level Storage

Sometimes it gets difficult to manage the awkward space between the roof slope and the floor. Try using custom made drawers and baskets for storing your paperwork, books, and other things.

8. Use a ladder instead of a staircase

If your loft is compact and you are looking for some extra storage space, here’s an idea. Ditch getting a staircase and use a sturdy ladder instead. It uses the unused space, saves you money, and builds a cool feature, too.

9. Make it into a Guest room

It is not always practical to transform your loft into a guest room. Turn it into a fancy space for your guests; maybe, an extra room that is used occasionally.

10. Use the angled wall as the main feature of the room

Whether you make it into a den, private retreat, home office, or a bed/playroom, do not let the angled or sloping roofs/walls put you off your attic conversion project. Background colour impacts the entire ambience whether you paint/wallpaper the full room or small panel.

Deep and muted colours are ideal for bedroom and bright bold hues are great for a play area.

I hope you found inspiration from these loft conversion ideas. If you are still confused about how to go about your attic conversion, contact KJC Loft Conversion specialists Leicester who provides services in the entire Leicester County.