Types of loft conversions

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For anyone who is looking to get their loft adjusted and converted, it always pays to know where to start. With so many different types of loft conversions to start with, it can be quite easy to start investing in something you don’t really need. If you would like to avoid such a mistake, then it pays to know about the most common types of conversions taken on. Not only should this help you to avoid wasting resources, but it should help you to get a loft conversion you can be 100% happy with.

Should I get stairs to my loft?

The first thing to work out with any loft conversion, though, is how you will get up there.

A very common option for loft conversions is to get stairs that go directly to the loft. Many people get to their loft through ladders and the like. This naturally isn’t very comfortable and can become a bit of an issue for you. If you would like to avoid that problem, then we recommend that you get some stairs that you can use to take you to the loft.

It’s a common and easily managed conversion that should add some much-needed safety as you go to and from the loft each time you head up.

Mansard conversions

One good choice to think about for your home would be the installation of a mansard conversion. Mansard conversions make a lot of sense for various reasons, not least because they give you plenty of room to move around within. They are built by using the party wall and then raising it upward.

The roof will stay the same flat ship, but it will give you an outer wall with a simple slope to it. these are usually put to the rear of a home, and are most likely going to suit a terraced home. If you choose to get one installed, you’ll get a nice home extension that can give you some more functional room. They are, though, long-term loft conversions that require extensive planning permission.

Dormer conversions

A very common choice for many home owners, though, would be to go with a dormer conversion. Dormer conversions are very popular as they allow you to add a simple box-shaped structure to the top of a pitched roof. This allows you to add in walls that create a solid 90-degree angle that ensures you can get a much more satisfying finish to your loft.

This helps to give you added floorspace and headspace, allowing your loft to be much more sizeable. If you are limited by space in a loft that you could otherwise make good use of, then a dormer conversion is just what you should be looking for.

Not only that, but it will give you an excellent chance to make the whole place just feel fresher and more genuine. If you want to help add extra room for standing and moving around in, then, go for a dormer conversions – you won’t regret it.

Velux roof windows

One main problem with lofts is that they tend to have little to no natural lighting. If you would like to avoid that problem, then you should look to get some Velux roof windows installed. This allows for an explosion of natural light into the room, giving you windows which are very easy to open out.

Velux roof windows are a common choice as they give you such an easy way to help the room breathe and feel naturally open. It’s a common choice for a lot of people who want something simple yet effective.
If natural lighting is a common issue for your loft, then you should definitely look to get some roof windows installed. You often are going to lack wall space, so using the sloped nature of your roof can allow for a better, simpler installation.

Hip to gable

While that might sound like an odd term, hip to gable conversions are very common today. They help you to turn the inward slant of a home into a solid vertical roof. By straightening out that slant, you can soon create an extra bit of room and it can add so much to the interior living space.

If you are looking to make sure you can have more space to get things done, then you should definitely look to consider getting a hip to gable loft conversion. They are becoming very popular, especially with people who are on an end home. They might not be a good choice, though, if you are the home smack back in the middle of a row!

Generally, though, the hip to gable solutions are just what you should be looking for. They make an exciting and engaging loft conversion for most end and detached homes.
What is right for you?

The challenge with going through with a loft conversion is working out what you want and what you need. If you want a hand in making that decision then we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are you looking for from the loft conversion? More space? An added room?
  • What kind of features and activities could you take part in using the new space?
  • How will you use that space? Will someone live there? Is it an office?
  • How will that need reflect the space? Do you need soundproofing etc?
  • Think about lighting and access – how can you get in to the conversion safely?
  • How large do you need each part to be? Or can it be consistent throughout?

Think about all of this, and you should have no problem at all in using your loft space to your advantage. Yes, it will take some time and no shortage of planning. But if you do it right, you should find yourself with a loft conversion that looks fresh, looks genuine, and looks very stylish. So, why not try that out for yourself? Convert your loft and enjoy the results by picking the right style. Get the choice right, and you’ll really benefit from the end result!